Everything You Needed to Know About Rubber Chemical Accelerators

Rubber chemical accelerators are a crucial component in the production of rubber products. These accelerators are added to raw rubber to speed up the curing process. Without accelerators, the curing process would take much longer. The final product would not have the desired properties.


About Rubber Accelerator:


The rubber chemical accelerator is an industrial product. So before buying it, you should check a number of factors. It is better to communicate with a rubber chemicals accelerator supplier in India. They can help you get the best quality product at a justifiable price.


More About Rubber Chemical Accelerator:


In this blog, you can find a detailed take on the rubber chemical accelerator.


There are many types of rubber chemical accelerators. Each has its own unique properties and uses. Some of the most common types include sulphur-based accelerators. These are mercaptobenzothiazole (MBT) and dibenzothiazole disulphide (MBTS). There are non-sulphur-based accelerators as well, such as tertiary amines and guanidines.


Sulphur-based accelerators are the most widely used in the rubber industry. They are effective at low temperatures and are compatible with a wide range of rubber compounds. However, they can also cause discolouration in certain rubber products. These can also be toxic if not handled properly.


Non-sulphur-based accelerators, on the other hand, are not as widely used as sulphur-based accelerators. However, these are gaining popularity due to their safety and environmental benefits. These accelerators are not toxic and do not cause discolouration in rubber products.


When choosing a rubber chemical accelerator, it is important to consider the specific properties and requirements of the final product. For example, a product exposed to high temperatures or harsh environments may require a different accelerator than a product used in a low-temperature or non-aggressive environment.


In addition to the type of accelerator, the amount used is also important. Too little accelerator may result in a slow curing process. On the other hand, too much of it can cause discolouration or other problems. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the appropriate amount of accelerator to use.


Overall, rubber chemical accelerators play a crucial role in the production of rubber products. With the right accelerator, manufacturers can produce high-quality rubber products. These would meet the specific needs and requirements of the customers. To find such a manufacturer, you can consult Finorchem Breathing Chemistry. We are a leading rubber chemical accelerator supplier in India. For more details, you can visit our website.