ACMETOL EF 44A is especially suited for applications in extruded compounds, but also offers advantages on transfer moulding and injection moulding. ACMETOL EF 44Aimproves dispersion of fillers (especially mineral fillers) and has a beneficial influence on batch-to-batch uniformity. Finally, ACMETOL EF 44A acts as a cure activator and allows for reduced dosage of stearic acid. ACMETOL EF 44A is for applications in natural and synthetic rubber. Due to its selected composition comprising fatty acid derivatives with different polarities, ACMETOL EF 44A provides excellent improvement of processing behaviour for a wide range of elastomers like NR, SBR, and EPDM (except for halogenated elastomers). ACMETOL EF 44 can be added at any stage of the mixing cycle.

Product Characteristics

Description Unit Nominal Value Method
Assay % ≥ 99.00 QC/WI (G) /16
Ash content % ≤ 0.20 ASTM D 4574
Volatile matter % ≤ 0.20 ASTM D 4571(15-23)
Insoluble in NaOH % ≤ 0.20 QC/WI (G) /17

Typical Physical Properties


1.40 gm/cc

Bulk Density

450 Kg/m3

Other Product Features


25 kg Fibre drum

Storage Life / Conditions

3 years from the date of manufacture, if stored properly at ambient temperature in original closed packing.