Mernox TQ (TMQ)

Mernox TQ(TMQ / TDQ) is an inexpensive and highly potent staining type antioxidant most widely used in the rubber com-pounds based on NR, IR, SBR, BR, NBR and other diene rubbers except CR (polychloroprene). Mernox TQ is classified as a staining type, low volatility, and polymeric antioxidant with very high potency.

Mernox TQ, does not contribute to flex fatigue resistance and hence generally used in combination with para phenylenediamine class antidegradants like Mernox 6C. Mernox TQ is also effective with metal ion catalysed degradation. Mernox TQ does not bloom even at higher dosages or influence the processing, scorch and cure characteristics of rubber compounds; however, very high dosages of Mernox TQ may result in slight retardation of cure. The extent of staining / discoloration caused by Mernox TQ is comparatively less severe than other amine antioxidants like PBNA or acetone diphenylamine condensates.

Very low volatility of Mernox TQ prevents ‘loss of antioxidant’ during mixing and other processing operations and its polymeric structure offers advantage of low migration rate (as compared to other amine antioxidants) which ensures that Mernox TQ persists in the rubber compound in which it was originally compounded. Mernox TQ does not interfere during organic peroxide based cross linking of NR, SBR, NBR, EPDM, etc. for specialty applications and thus, can be used to reduce the  ‘frosting’  caused during hot air curing of peroxide cured  products. Mernox TQ activates scorch and cure of polychloroprene based compounds affecting storage stability and mould flow times. Mernox TQ does not affect the rubber to textile / metal adhesion / bonding properties and thus is an ideal antioxidant for rubber compounds where tack retention and bond strength are of primary   importance.

2,2,4–trimethyl 1,2-dihydroquinoline, polymerised
Light to dark brown pastilles
Softening Point (°C) 83 – 97 ASTM E 28
Volatile matter 60°C/ 2 hrs. (%) 0.50 Max. ASTM D 4571
Ash Content 760°C / 2 hrs. (%) 0.30 Max. ASTM D 4574
Chloroform Insolubles (%) 0.10 Max ASTM D 4934
Specific gravity 1.05 – 1.10 (Typical value) ASTM D 1817
Bulk Density (kg/m3) 600 – 700 In house method
Packaging: Open mouth HDPE fabric bag with paper on the outside. 25 kgs.Net.
Storage Life: One year from the date of production.
Storage conditions: Keep cool and dry in original packaging.
Product Safety: Relevant safety data and references, as well as the necessary hazard warning labels, can be found in the safety data sheet.

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