Mercure TMTM

Chemical Name Tetramethylthiuram monosulphide
Supply Form Yellow Powder
1. Melting point initial (°C) 104.0 Min. ASTM D 1519A
2. Melting point Final (°C) 107.0 Min ASTM D 1519A
3. Loss on drying 60°C/ 2 hrs. (%) 0.50 Max. ASTM D 4571
4. Ash Content 760°C/ 2 hrs. (%) 0.30 Max. ASTM D 4574
5. Fineness through 100 mesh (%) 99.90 Min ASTM D 5461
Packaging: Open mouth HDPE fabric bag with paper on the outside. 25 kgs.Net.
Storage Life: One year from date of production.
Storage conditions: Keep cool and dry in original packaging.
Product Safety: Relevant safety data and references as well as the necessary hazard warning labels can be found in the safety data sheet