Mernox SP

Styrenated Phenol
Clear to Pale amber colour viscous liquid.
Loss on drying 60°C / 2 hrs. (%) 1.0 Max. ASTM D 4571
Refractive Index @27 Å °C 1.599 – 1.602 ASTM D 1747
Viscosity @ 25°C (cps) 2000 – 5000 In house method
Specific gravity 1.079 – 1.085 (Typical value) ASTM D 891
Packaging: HDPE Drum. 50 kgs.Net.
Storage Life: One year from the date of production.
Storage conditions: Keep cool and dry in original packaging.
Product Safety: Relevant safety data and references, as well as the necessary hazard warning labels, can be found in the safety data sheet.

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