Acmenox 100 (DTPD)

Chemical Name N’N-Diaryl-P-Phenylene Diamine (Mixture)

Product Identification Condensation Product Of Aniline, Ortho Toluidine & Hydroquinone
Major Application Antiozonant For Rubber

It gives long term protection against oxidative heat ageing, anti-flex cracking & ozone. It migrates very slowly to surface and has limited solubility in rubber. The suggested dosage is 0.7 pbw max. It is an excellent antiozonant for CR and in other diene rubbers goods because of its anti-aging properties, anti-flex cracking effect and ozone protection less than 6PPD but overall improved long-term effect. It is used as secondary antiozonant along with 6PPD and starts migrating slowly after 6PPD gets consumed, offering extended/long term protection. It is used for agricultural semi pneumatic tyres, motor/engine mounts, bridge bearing pads, fire resistant conveyor belting, rubber springs, in dock fenders and are expected to last 20 -25 years.

Product Characteristics
Description Unit Nominal Value
Ash Content (at 7500C for 2 hrs.) % w/w Max 0.30
LOD(70°C for 2hrs) % w/w Max 0.50
Melting Point % w/w 95 – 98
Purity Content By G.C. Mg/Kg Min 80.0
DPPD % w/w 20 – 30
DTPD % w/w 20 – 24
PTPD % w/w 40 – 46

These raw material properties are typical properties and, unless specifically indicated otherwise, are not to be considered as delivery specification.

Other Product Features


20 Kg / 25 Kg. in laminated Hessian bags or paper bags with LDPE liner

Shelf life:

1 years from the date of production provided