Quality Assurance & Inspection

Finorchem’s Quality management system is built around the philosophy of Prevention i.e. Quality Assurance rather than Detection i.e. final product inspection. It is considered prudent to be associated right from initial stages of production/manufacturing and at all appropriate stages so that the chances of rejection at the final stage are eliminated.

Finorchem “Quality Policy”, applicable to the entire Group, reflects Finorchem attitude to strive for quality excellence all along its value chain and meets the requirements of Quality standards ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 (automotive sector).we have established our Quality Policy as detailed below.

Quality Policy:

We are in business of manufacture and supply of rubber chemical.

 We are committed to:

  • Customer satisfaction through manufacture of quality products
  • Satisfy applicable requirements
  • Continual improvement of the quality management system to enhance quality management performance

This shall be achieved   by strict compliance with the appropriate documented system, adopting quality management concepts and rendering satisfactory customer service and achieve excellence through the involvement of our employees, customers and vendors. We shall review to ensure that necessary resources support is provided with enthusiasm to accomplish our objectives. We shall strive for personnel safety, technological up-gradation and for a safe and clean environment.