Acmecure TMTM

Product Identification Tetra Methyl Thiuram Monosulphide

Supply Form Yellow Powder
Major Application Rubber Accelerator

These are ultra-fast accelerators, works as booster accelerator for Thiazole or Sulphenamide in NR, NR/BR OR SBR/BR blend based compounds in tread or equivalent compounds. Highly recommended for transparent, white and coloured rubber goods, especially technical goods of all types that withstand heat. These are also suitable for cable sheathing, insulation, bathing articles, fabric proofing, dipped goods and ebonite. The Scorch Safety of TMTM is more than TMTD. Strong synergies are obtained in combination with DPG type basic accelerators. Acmecure TMTM can be used as primary accelerator in NBR based compounds(0.6 PHR TMTM + 1.5 PHR SULPHUR) & for mercaptan modified chloroprene based compounds(0.5-1.0 TMTM + 0.5 -1.0 V. DPG+ 1.0-0.5 SULFUR)

Product Characteristics

Test Unit Nominal Value
M.P % w/w 105 -112
LOD at 65°C for 2 hrs °C Max 0.50
Ash Content % w/w Max 0.50
Residue on 100 mesh % w/w Max 0.10

Other Product Features


 25 kg

Storage Life / Conditions

one year from the date of manufacture