ACMETOL HT 276 was developed specifically for use in compounds containing high loadings of fillers, especially where more reinforcing carbon black grades or high surface area silicas are involved. ACMETOL HT 276 reduces compound viscosity and enhances flow property, leading to improved processability, for example during extrusion. In silica compounds ACMETOL HT 276 reduces the degree of filler-to-filler reagglomeration, thereby stabilising the level of viscosity. ACMETOL HT 276 enhances scorch safety of both silica and carbon black compounds and is effective for use both in natural rubber and in synthetic rubber, for example SBR, SSBR and BR blends as are frequently used in tread compounds. The use of ACMETOL HT 276 leads to improved physical properties, in contrast to many lubricants which may cause a softening effect, ACMETOL HT 276 results in an increased state of cure. Reversion resistance can be improved by use of ACMETOL HT 276 and dynamic properties such as heat build-up on flexing are lowered using this product.It is suitable for the natural & synthetic rubber. ACMETOL HT 276 can be added as per standard recommendation.

Product Characteristics

Description Unit Nominal Value Method
Assay % ≥ 99.00 QC/WI (G) /16
Ash content % ≤ 0.20 ASTM D 4574
Volatile matter % ≤ 0.20 ASTM D 4571(15-23)
Insoluble in NaOH % ≤ 0.20 QC/WI (G) /17

Typical Physical Properties


1.40 gm/cc

Bulk Density

450 Kg/m3

Other Product Features


25 kg Fibre drum

Storage Life / Conditions

3 years from the date of manufacture, if stored properly at ambient temperature in original closed packing.