Curing Resin


  • This is heat reactive butyl curing octyl phenol formaldehyde resin. Ex. FINOREX PB 1045.
  • Adhesive Resin: Ex. FINOREX PB 518, PB 154 , PB 212, PB 110
  • Methylol and Dibenzyl ethers  form  Quinone Methide QM intermediate.
  • QM reacts with olefines in rubber to form carbon carbon  bond


  • It is used in combination with halogen  like chloroprene rubber and zinc oxide and  yields butyl vulcanizates . High heat stability  in bladder
  • Methylol content in resin determines   modulus values.
  • Used in various adhesives


Tire Curing Bladders, Conveyor Belts, Gaskets, Adhesives