Reversion Resistance Chemicals


  • Hexamethylene-1,6-bis(thiosulfate), disodium salt, dihydrate. Ex. FINOLINK HTS.


  • Hybrid crosslinker Additive uses during curing. (Compensation )This chemical reacts during curing and builds hybrid crosslink which are thermally stable along with mono- and disulfide crosslinks.
  • Interposes a 1,6 hexamethylenedithiyl within the polysulphide crosslink to form a hybrid crosslink. Generate hybrid crosslinks when exposed to anaerobic condition at high temperatures-offering reversion resistance. Due to the long hybrid crosslink offers flex property, this material is added in MB stage.


Improved flex fatigue and aged fatigue. Better tear and chip/chunk resistance. Better retained adhesion in aggressive environments. Hence used in Belts and Body ply of Radial Tires. For better cut and chip resistance used in OTR tires