Silica Dispersant for Rubber


  • Mixture of amine salts and fatty acid. Ex. Acmetol S-2000B
  • Reaction product of Monoethanol amine and various fatty acids. Ex. Acmetol JV46F.


  • Acmetol S-2000 has good adsorption properties with silica and can disperse silica uniformly during mixing.  Low mooney viscosity in silica compound for improved productivity and reduced heat build  up.
  • Acmetol JV46F – Mixing improvements:  Lower silica compound viscosity and hence reduced mixing stage, Reduced energy consumption, lower and stable viscosity, better extrudability, reduced silica agglomeration on storage of compound.


  • Acmetol S-2000 reduces low tan delta at 600C for low Rolling resistance and hence fuel efficiency. Increased tan delta at 00C for improved Traction and hence safety of the tire.
  • Acmetol JV46F reduces Payne effect.  Lower Heat buildup for high loading of silica compounds and long blow out time.