Dry Bonding Resin (Methylene Donor )


  • Hexamethoxymethylmelamine (HMMM). Ex. ACMEBOND HMMM 65 & 72.
  • Hexamethylenetetramine (HMT). Ex. ACMEBOND HMT


  • HMMM are basically Methylene donor.  coated with silica as carrier for better distribution of material in rubber compound. Best suitable for Polyester and steel cords application as it will not generate ammonia during curing. Ammonia will induce corrosion. HMMM generates Ethanol.
  • HMT is basically Methylene donor.  coated with silica  or silicate as a anticaking agent . More reactive than HMMM and yield high Modulus .  It generates  Ammonia during curing and hence not recommended to use  for Steel cord and Poly ester .  Used for Nylon and Rayon  Fabric


  • Dry bonding agent for bonding Steel Cord, Hose Wires and Textile to Rubber. Also used in Breaker and Carcass in Bias Tires & Belts and Body Ply in Radial tires.
  • HMT used in Dry bonding agent  for Bias tires, Conveyor belt, Hose etc.