Technical Service

Finorchem offers a wide range of Rubber Chemicals, including specialties, and has recently expanded into Resin products. Many innovative products are currently in development. These offerings aim to assist all our customers in improving the processing and performance of tires and various technical products. Our Technical Service team provides support to customers globally, backed by laboratory facilities at our modern Rubber Application Centre in Panoli, Gujarat.

1. Finorchem RAC is equipped with modern instruments for compounding and various testing procedures, replicating performance in tires and technical rubber goods.

2. Our Technical Service team comprises well-qualified and experienced professionals from the rubber industry.

3. Regularly organizing virtual and physical training courses for both our sales team and customers is a key aspect of our operations.

4. Technical Services focuses on developing new formulations and providing technical support to the rubber industry to meet current and future requirements. We offer services including testing facilities for newly developed rubber compounds, finished products, and the development of formulations to meet specifications.

5. Our Technical Service team regularly visits customers to understand their present and future technical needs. This insight aids Finorchem in developing new molecules/products and, in some cases, import substitution products. Accordingly, with the assistance of technicians in RAC, we develop new formulations and provide technical support for the use and development of improved rubber products based on Finorchem’s new formulations.

6. Where necessary, our Technical Service team collaborates with customers on their shop floor for troubleshooting and new developments, enabling the resolution of customer complaints in a timely manner.

7. Laboratory testing methods adhere to ASTM, ISO, DIN, and BIS Standards.

Comprehensive R&D is the backbone of our company’s success. In order to further augment our R&D we have come up with a state of the art modern R&D Lab.

R&D facility is well equipped for new product development, its evaluation and application testing supported by latest analytical instrumentation.

With the knowledge & use of technology, cost effective & high performance solutions are achieved.

The client’s aspirations relating to the products and feedback are constantly asked for, thereby new range of products are introduced.

Equipped with pilot plant to conduct scale up activities.

Proposed technical services laboratory equipped with modern instruments to perform mechanical, chemical & performance analysis of rubber compounds.

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