Peptizol 7 (Pellet)

Product Identification Mixture Of Pentachlorothiophenol, Kaolin, Mineral Oil And Organic Binders

Supply Form Greenish Grey Pellets
Major Application Peptizing Agent

Powerful & efficient peptizing agent both on open mixing mill as well as in internal mixer. Highly effective chemical formulation for substantially reducing mastication times (mainly used for reducing the viscosity of Natural Rubber), thus increasing mixing capacity and reducing costs. Can be used directly in master batch mixed slightly with higher dosages, avoiding the separate pre-mastication of natural rubber step.

Product Characteristics
Description Unit Nominal Value Test Method
Ash Content (at 8000C for 2 hrs.) % w/w 42 – 48 QC/WI/24
LOD (105°C for 2hrs.) % w/w Max 0.70 QC/WI/24
CHCL3 Soluble. % w/w 46 – 50 QC/WI/24

Other Product Features


25kg paper bags with LDPE inner liner

Storage Life / Conditions

1 years from the date of production provided